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Being ManKind

Tackling outdated masculinity through diverse stories from positive male models

Through Being ManKind, I have been afforded an incredible opportunity to get to know the inspiring and humbling stories of a diverse range of men, and to reflect this in their photographs. With each photoshoot, the first step is to make the individual feel comfortable under the lens of the camera, and then capture their personality while making the most of the natural light and backgrounds available, whether in a home or outdoor setting. Being completely honest I found this challenging when I first began the project, as I was used to capturing photographs of street scenes or wildlife where there was no need for direction or set-up. Now, it’s this very challenge that draws me to portraiture as no two shoots are the same, and I am constantly taken aback by the way that light can drastically change an image in the blink of an eye.

Please note that all photography on this site has been saved for web and does not reflect the original quality.


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